Valdas Simutis “We Lived by the Sea Then”


On August 6 at 6 pm, the solo exhibition “We Lived by the Sea Then” by Valdas Simutis opens at the gallery “Si:said” (Daržų 18, Klaipėda).

Valdas Simutis’ latest exhibition, “We Lived by the Sea Then,” uses visual means to talk about everyday life conditioned by geographical location – daily living by the sea, where human and natural activities intertwine. His schematic drawing captures our routine and automatic actions—movement, sitting, and introspection. The materiality of the body, along with the transience and unruliness of nature, are important to the author, who creates a narrative that can seem poetic and even naive. The title of his exhibition is a reference to the poem “Children of the Seaside” by the poet Vytautas Mačernis (this year marks the 100th anniversary of his birth), in which the author notices and comments on the unbearable lightness of being at the seaside.

Valdas Simutis (b. 1965) is a graphic artist and painter who graduated from the Telšiai Applied Arts Technical College and the Vilnius Academy of Arts. He lives and works in Plungė.

The exhibition is open until September 3.

The project is financed by Klaipėda City Municipality.