Klaus Richter’s exhibition Bajorai
Klaus Richter’s exhibition Bajorai will be launched on 6 November at Si:said gallery (Daržų st 18, Klaipeda) „Bajorai is an essayistic exploration of one village in Lithuania. My aim is to tell part of its story; about its past and present by combining photographs that I took in the years 2017 to 2019, scans of... Read More
Loren Britton’s exhibition “Interdependency”
Since 10th of October is running an exhibition "Interdependency" by Loren Britton (USA/DE) at si:said gallery. Curator – Sylvia Sadzinski. Loren Britton's exhibition Interdependency consists of a group of colorful window paintings that engage the threshold of the gallery space, visible both inside and outside the gallery, and a video work that engages boundaries of... Read More
Art festival “The Blue Line”
The third edition of art festival “The Blue Line”, opening at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 14 in Smiltynė (Smiltynės avenue 9), looks back at nature and ecology in affinity with humans. “The Blue Line” festival pays particular attention to nature, ecology, and coexistence. The organizers of the festival believe that it is important to... Read More