Art Festival “The Blue Line #4”
On Saturday, August 18, at  6 p.m., Smiltynė will see the opening of the fourth edition of "The Blue Line" art festival. Each time, the festival pays special attention to nature, ecology, and coexistence. Participants in the festival will discuss the problems of the environment and the relationship between man and nature. In what was... Read More
Valdas Simutis “We Lived by the Sea Then”
On August 6 at 6 pm, the solo exhibition "We Lived by the Sea Then" by Valdas Simutis opens at the gallery "Si:said" (Daržų 18, Klaipėda). Valdas Simutis' latest exhibition, "We Lived by the Sea Then," uses visual means to talk about everyday life conditioned by geographical location – daily living by the sea, where... Read More
A group exhibition by young emerging artists "Petrichor" will be open 4 p.m. 6th of July. The participants are: Sandra Kvilytė, Monė Kielė, Milan Prokeš, Karolina Latvytė-Bibiano. The meaning of the word petrichor lies in the astonishing, but at the same time extremely delicate origin of a special phenomenon - the smell of the earth,... Read More