Art festival “The blue line”


On July 9 this year, a new art festival “The Blue Line” starts in Klaipėda. The Curonian Spit at Smiltynė, surrounded by beautiful nature, will welcome an open-air exposition of contemporary art.

The name of the art festival, “The Blue Line”, is a reference to the geographical position of the port town, the coastline, the water line and the maritime aspect. It is not surprising that one of the main leisure activities of Klaipėda’s citizens is being outdoors, so “The Blue Line” festival will welcome the city’s residents to their favorite locations with an excellent artistic programme.

On July 9, from 5 p.m., the festival will offer a great opportunity to take part in a series of events. Klaipėda residents and guests are welcome in Smiltynė, at the Old Ferry. The festival, which is taking place for the first time, explores the relationship between man and nature. The creators use observation and cognitive methods to create a unique experience of nature. Natural phenomena and changing structures, the search for space, time and color are transformed into new works of art.

During the art action ” J rn y Al ng the F re t P th” by architect Vladas Balsis, people rushing along a forest path towards the sea will find themselves in an invisible forest. “The space transformed into an invisible forest will become a place where people can stop for a moment, forget where they are rushing, and get lost,” the artist jokes.

Henrikas Riškus, who has lived in Klaipėda, Brighton and Berlin, works in different media and combines aesthetics with chaos. Riškus creates visual design solutions for spaces. The festival will present his drawing “Wave Patterns”.

Director and actor Benas Šarka will continue his experiments with traditional elements of theatrical expression by deconstructing them. The physical body of the actor becomes the central figure in the performance, which is characterized by an open relationship with the objects of the “stage” and, at the same time, with the spectators.

Painters Rolandas Marčius and Raimondas Daukša will present spatial artworks to the festival audience. Marčius’ sculpture “Beds” will invite you to rest, while Daukša’s sculpture “Corridor” will allow you not to get lost in the forest that has become invisible.

Moving to Klaipėda, the festival will end with an exhibition of photographers Remigijus Treigys and Gintautas Trimakas at the gallery “si:said” (Daržų 18), opening at 8 p.m. The exhibition will run until  August 5.