Art festival “The Blue Line”


The third edition of art festival “The Blue Line”, opening at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 14 in Smiltynė (Smiltynės avenue 9), looks back at nature and ecology in affinity with humans.

“The Blue Line” festival pays particular attention to nature, ecology, and coexistence. The organizers of the festival believe that it is important to talk about a clean and sustainable environment, about the city dwellers‘ self-awareness and their responsibility to the environment. Project participants will explore the relationship between humans and nature. The artists will create sight-specific art projects by using methods of observation and cognition. Employing various disciplines, they will reconsider the city as an urban unit and the water materials – the sea links and dividing lines.

Water can become a destructive force or a factor of transformation that can create structures to meet the needs and desires of humans and sea creatures. More than 95 percent of life exists underwater, but we know very little about these depths. The surface of the sea invites us to rethink the surface of the world. It is not just a shift in relationship, but also a relationship between water and land, the rational mind and human subconscious, being human and being fish, between the living and dead, past and present.

The artworks will extend environmental issues to the spheres of the individual, community, and human society to explore the hidden scars of the ecosystem. The festival is also designed to explore alternative things that art can display in the context of our imaginary seas.

Smiltynės st. 9, Smiltynė
From 6.00 p.m. presentations of the projects

Photography exhibition “The Sea Behind the Fence” by Juozapas Kalnius
Sculpture/performance “85 liters” by Danas Aleksa
Installation/performance “Folded Horizon” by Gintautas Trimakas
Sculpture “A Remark To All Other Expensive Materials” by Goodhearted Wisher
Installation “Luminobody” by Linas Kutavičius
Instrumental music concert by Baltic ambient music duo “Tykumos”
(Performers: Kristijonas Lučinskas and Donatas Bielkauskas)

Partner – Kursiu nerija nation park

The project supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture