New exhibition and educational activities at Si:said Gallery in November


On November 5, at 6 pm, a group exhibition Ultramarinas” will open at the gallery “Si:said” (Daržų 18, Klaipėda). Participants of the exhibition are the following: Raimondas Daukša, Juozapas Kalnius, Rolandas Marčius, and Gintautas Trimakas.

Ultramarine is a rich blue pigment made from natural or synthetic lazurite. The origin of the name is linked to the Latin word “ultramarinus”, meaning “beyond the sea”, because in the 14th and 15th centuries, Italian merchants brought the pigment to Europe from mines in Afghanistan. In the exhibition “Ultramarine”, the color is used to describe different contexts. One can see the use of color as a method, a mechanism, or even a lifestyle. The explorations of color and motifs unfold along different trajectories, incorporating different historical experiences, memories, and identities, and thus shaping the topography of the seascape. The changing technological dimensions of the world, i.e., globalization, changes in technology and media, and social change, go hand in hand or remain sidelined from the creative process. Artists’ monitoring is influenced by, or conversely ignores, external human-made circumstances, but apparently, it cannot ignore the geographical dominant of the location. “Ultramarine” is a quartet of narratives based on light and time. The exhibition runs until December 3.

Free educational sessions will allow you to get to know the topics of the exhibition, the participating artists and their creative strategies better.

On November 6, at 12 noon, a practical and theoretical talk on blue with photographer Gintautas Trimakas will take place. Known as a proponent and pioneer of abstract photography, G. Trimakas uses the essential elements of the art of photography—light, time, and material—in his creative practice.

On November 13th, at 12 noon, Raimondas Daukša, whose work (paintings, installations, and objects) is dominated by a critique of social life, the backstage of life in a resort, consumerism, the collective memory, humor, and the hybrid relationship between nature and human beings, will introduce participants to space and form in a workshop.

Žaneta Jasaitytė-Bessonova, a printmaker exploring themes of motherhood, the status of the female artist, the body, and the relationship of the self to the household, will introduce and try out printmaking techniques on November 19 at 6 p.m.

On November 27, at 12 noon, writer Sondra Simana will lead a creative writing workshop. S. Simana is the author of several books (“The Walking Mountain/”Einantis kalnas”, “The Office of the Stuffed Species”/”Iškamšų kontora”) and is known as the author of the play-historical excursions “Travelling Churches”, “Boundary Markers. Kaunas”, “Check to Prussia. Louise in Memel”, “The Chair from the House of Comedy”, etc.

For many years, “Si:said” gallery has been cooperating with artists’ gatherings. This time, it organizes the following two creative meetings together with the artists’ community – TEMA (Tarptautinė Eksperimentinė Meno Akcija or International Experimental Art Action) and the Creators Union:

On November 9, at 4 pm, illustrator Viktorija Dambrauskaitė (a.k.a. Viktė Ežiukas) will lead a comic book workshop titled “Diary of an Journey That Never Happened”. The artist illustrates children’s books, draws comics, organizes comics and illustration workshops for children, and participates in various animation, comics, and illustration projects and exhibitions.

The oeuvre of photographer Remigijus Treigys is recognizable in his monochrome scratched photographs of cities and their streets, architecture, and interiors. On Saturday morning, on November 20, at 11 a.m., in his workshop “City in Photography”, R. Treigys and the participants will walk around the autumn city, looking for the right place for a shot. Please bring a camera or use a smartphone camera.

The sessions are free of charge. Pre-registration is required at or by phone at +370 600 39972.

The projects are supported by Klaipėda City Municipality.