Julius Kuršys’ exhibition “Continuations”


On March 30 (Thursday) at 6 p.m. at the gallery “Si:said” (Daržų g. 18, Klaipėda) the photography exhibition “Continuations” by Julius Kuršys will open.

The exhibition “Continuations” presents an exploration of the contours of photographic reality and the limits of visual representation. The body (entity) in nature experiences time as continuous, and the photographic image, formed within the specific limits of the frame and time, reduces the multidimensional experience of the body’s presence in space and its duration to a single image. The repetition and continuation of the photographic gesture, in turn, adds to reality a new time of pictorial experience. Continuations are attempts to fit the time created by the photographic process into a single image, thus at least partially recreating the sense of continuity of impressions.

Julius Kuršys (b. 1987) graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a Master’s degree in Photography and Media Art. He currently works as a light artist, explores the contours of photographic reality and teaches at the Vilnius Design College.

The exhibition will run until April 28.