Henrikas Riškus‘ exhibition “Random”


At 6 p.m. on August 31st, the solo exhibition “Random” by Henrikas Riškus (aka H2) will open at the gallery “Si:said” (Daržų 18, Klaipėda).

The project “Random,” which the artist will present in an exhibition format, explores the possibility of probability and the end result. This is done through the throwing of dice, the flipping of a coin, or other interactive means that randomly determine the “what will be” and “what will not be” parts of the artwork. In this way, the visual abstractions create a kind of binary code, opening up more space for universal interpretations. Riškus’ creative practice is based on the principles of generative art, where the rules of the artist’s system also influence and determine the process. At the same time, there is some independence or autonomy, which thus contributes during the process or at the end of fully realized artwork. As the artist himself says, regardless of the process, all the possibilities of probability and unprobability are the true beauty.

Henrikas Riškus (b. 1987), also known as H2, graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design. The interdisciplinary artist combines aesthetics and chaos in both analogue and digital media. He creates abstractions and pattern works (collages, music videos, street art, generative and poster art), whose solutions he applies to indoor and public spaces. From the beginning of his work, Riškus has developed a distinctive graphic style through his graffiti drawings, resulting from strictly observed and calculated aesthetic rules that form networks and patterns, and play with spatial negatives and positives. Henrikas develops his creative explorations and processes in different cities and countries. Recently, he has been working and living in Portugal.

The exhibition will run until September 21. The exhibition is supported in part by Klaipėda City Municipality, TEMA, and Ore.lt.