Gallery Days #3


Gallery Days #3 on September 7–9 are three days that are dedicated exclusively to the visual arts in Klaipėda.

The theme of the 2017 Gallery Days is “Legend/s.” In this case, the term “legend” has been chosen to refer to the people and events about whom stories intertwine, or perhaps those people themselves created stories for Klaipėda. “Legenda” (Lithuanian for “marginal notes”) also means the peripheral information on the edge of the map that provides useful information about the map to the map user.

After marking the people and events around which the port city’s artistic events were created, the cultural legend of the map will be used to navigate the cultural routes of the port city.

Organiser of the project is gallery “si:said”

The project is partly financed by Klaipėda City Municipality

Information sponsor is