Sisaid gallery @Project Space Festival Berlin



5-8 p.m. 18th of June
Rummelsburger Bucht; Paul and Paula Ufer path, Berlin

Group show ECHO
Artists: Vladas Balsys, Tomas Dauksa, Rolandas Marcius,
Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis) / Lithuania

The exhibition “Echo” evolves around reconnection people with nature, “digital coming back to nature”, Mother Nature and city life. Each of the artists presents works that investigates different aspects of the topic. This small show fragmentally reflects on the conflict zone (Rummelsburger bay) of local community, investors, politician’s interests and will.

Cell phones influenced not only our lifestyle but also language and behavior. Ringtones and alert tones cause to clear up, who is the owner, to ask him/her to reduce the volume or to leave the public space. The period of time when the metamorphosis occurs and humans became as bird singers been unnoticed. The installation “The nest box“ by Vladas Balsys expends boundaries of existing ones by supplemented birds singing with analogical sound ‒ ringtones of ICQ, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The installation “No limit (stationary edition)“ by Tomas Dauksa investigates the line between the living and the machine, between a toy and something else. A moving, shining, and sound producing artificial creature may seem cute; it could resemble a toy, an animal from a children’s cartoon or a fairy tale book. The viewer gets into the place where it is difficult to say whether this situation is a game or a nightmare.

The ape-men by the sculptor Donatas Jankauskas (Duonis) becomes the characters of, we could say, tragicomic scene. One of the species, ape-men, represents culture itself, in contemplating them there emerge the topics of national identity, art, creativity, representation, control and the self-consciousness of the creator – all of them dazzle with bright colors of a catastrophe (cosmic, existential or mundane?).

The installation “Verdure“ by Rolandas Marcius focuses on green, where the green color becomes both space and an object. Different shades of green balloons shape the landscape and depict the tension between rural and urban areas.