An exhibition about stories that emerged in Klaipėda by mistake


On October 6, at 6 p.m., the exhibition “Drosophilas, DJs, and Jedis” opens at the “Si:said” gallery (Daržų 18, Klaipėda). The exhibition will present some very strange stories that have emerged by mistake in Klaipėda. Following various rumors, the creator Benas Šarka, the photographers Remigijus Treigys, Saulius Jokužys, and Paulius Sadauskas, the video artist Edmundas Lukminas, and the architect Vladas Balsys have now confirmed the reality of these stories in their exhibition.

Before visiting the exhibition “Drosophilas, DJs, and Jedis”, the visitor should perhaps be warned once again: the stories are not fictional and, most dangerously, there is a possibility of getting confused when looking for answers. “A long time ago, before there were any DJs, there were real Jedis and Drosophilas,” creator Benas Šarka explains. For some reason, the Jedis disappeared, and only the Drosophilas remained. The cunning DJs came much later. Against a background of mysterious appearances and disappearances, Benas Šarka urges us to be cautious: there are Drosophilas, Jedis, and DJs among us. The works in the exhibition tell incredible stories about the metamorphosis of Kazimir Malevich’s black squares, the invisible mutation of the Drosophilas, the longing for the human quest for justice, the addiction to cunningness, and the faint memories of the vanished Jedis, the French scientist Jules Hoffman, white-eared creatures, the cunning DJs, poisonous scarves, long-haired hairdressers, weird experiments and their probable results, twisted red carpets, soft couches, and false journeys. The exhibition includes over fifty different photographs, three video works and several endangered objects.

The exhibition runs until November 3.