Parallel File-Cabinet (Fragment) by Egle Ulcickaite
7 pm 6th of April in the gallery „si:said“ (Daržų str. 18, Klaipėda) opens a solo exhibition "Parallel File-Cabinet (Fragment)" by Egle Ulcickaite. In my creative practice, I investigate the themes of time, memory, and multiplicity of reality. Painting for me is a way to analyse the states of mind caused by encounters with material references to the past discovered in the... Read More
Translation of Space. First Research Stage by Maximilian Gallo and Vaida Stepanovaitė
On 4th of November, Saturday 1-4 pm the first stage of Maximilian Gallo and Vaida Stepanovaitė’s research with working title Translation of Space will be introduced at the gallery “si:said” (Daržų st. 18, Klaipėda). The research started when the two met earlier this year in Lithuania where the first thoughts about a collaboration were discussed.... Read More